Sectors that commission Comalon

Comalon creates and supervises technical engineering solutions for all industries. We are primarily active in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial moving and logistics sectors.


The packaging of products changes continuously, e.g. different volumes, large promotional campaigns, etc. This often requires you to implement different or modified production or packaging solutions. Comalon is regularly engaged by Intrion (Colruyt) to collaborate in such projects.

In practice: Overall project management of new packaging lines that Intrion manufactures for the infant industry in the Netherlands. Each packaging line consists of in-house designed equipment and externally purchased units and modules. In total, more than 34 subcontractors are involved in the project. Comalon is responsible for the entire project management: communication, purchasing, monitoring of suppliers, planning, budget control, project team supervision, site supervision, and so on.


A new medicinal product? Or a classic product that must be brought to market in a different form due to stricter regulations? For example, a new form of packaging? Let Comalon handle the engineering and project management of your mechanical engineering project.

Industrial moving

Do you need an innovative technical process to simplify your comprehensive transport needs? For example, constructing a large installation inside or outside a building. Comalon has implemented spectacular projects for Samoco (Sarens).

In practice: coordination of technical solutions for industrial moving, from the relocation of a production line to the construction of a windmill and organising shutdowns in the chemical industry. Comalon combines sales, solutions, purchasing, communications, monitoring of suppliers, planning, budget control and site supervision.


Handling of goods faster and more efficiently: made possible by surprising and creative engineering solutions. Comalon approaches each project with a broad point of view and is open to all possibilities. We leave the beaten path and adopt new perspectives.


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