From idea to implementation

From idea to implementation in eight steps

Are you confronted with a challenging imminent technical project involving industrial automation, mechanical engineering or materials handling? Comalon is an expert at project management and project engineering. To this end, we follow eight steps.

1. Study and understand the challenge

Write to us and challenge us. Comalon will thoroughly research and analyse your dossier. We want to delve into and understand the essence of the project.

2. Conceive and review concepts

Comalon combines talent for technology and a desire for innovation. The creativity of our concept studies will surprise you. We also check feasibility.

3. Formulate technical solutions

We translate concepts into technical solutions: development, prototype, automate, robotics, design specific machines, etc.

4. Calculate return on investment

What will make the project feasible from a practical and budgetary perspective? How long will it take to implement? Comalon provides you a precise answer.

5. Select subcontractors to do the work

Our extensive experience in project management in engineering and mechanical engineering allows us to propose the best subcontractors to do the work. We select the best based on criteria decided on in consultation with you.

6. Supervise the implementation

An eye for detail is essential for effective engineering. Comalon supervises mechanical design, electrical design, PLC programming and robotics. We monitor the schedule, budget and safety. And, we make adjustments as needed.

7. Monitor and optimise performance

After your new line or machine is put into commission, it is our normal practice to optimise performance. Comalon has the necessary tools and knowledge to monitor performance and eliminate OEE killers.

8. Obtain a patent

Is the implemented technical solution truly unique? If so, we encourage you to obtain a patent. This can help you grow your business and turnover. We will be glad to explain the steps required to obtain a patent.